Top 6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Germany

Most people do not settle down a bit when it comes to education and prefer studying abroad in beautiful developed countries. Among such different countries the best study abroad destination is Germany. So, what is it that makes Germany a great study abroad destination? Here are 6 reasons for studying in Germany that can’t be overlooked.

1. Low or Zero Tuition Fees

Germany is among the various European countries where you don’t need to pay tuition fee to earn your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in public university. The only thing that foreign students need to pay would be the administrative fee, that typically costs about $250 for one semester.

But make sure that you need to complete your program and get degree, otherwise you would need to pay higher than the standard fee. Honestly, anyone would finish their college degree at such a low price and great location.

2. You can Select from the top-ranked Universities

It is quite normal and clever to wonder whether the price you’re paying is the right value for the education quality that you get or not. Here, you’ll get world class education for almost free, because the Germans believe that everyone should be getting free access to high education and must ensure the economic growth for greater population. The German universities should consistently be ranked among best universities in the world and earning degree from either of these opens door to career opportunities around the world.

3. You’re also able to Travel Europe on Student Visa

Once you’re getting the student visa, you can travel almost anywhere you like in Europe, and fortunately for you, you can also remain in different country within hours. If you’re a European citizen, you must have same rights like Germans, and also you don’t require any Visa. Non-European citizens need to apply for visa an also residency permits sometimes.

4. Ample of Future Prospects with Work Opportunities

In recent years, Germany realized about the social and economic benefits associated with immigration along with the need of having smartest study minds within the country.

They also ideally want their students to stay after finishing the studies and also keep working in the Germany. Thus, without any tuition fee for the international students.

Also, the Germany has got amazing dual learning system, where you’re able to combine going school part time while interning with company in another half.

In the end of studies, you get possibility of staying while working within company and you’re interning with or also applying for work somewhere else.

5. Affordable Cost of Living

In German cities the most you’ll have to pay is for airfare and accommodation. While paying high rent sounds out of budget, there are various ways to avoid high expenses on it.

You can live in a student hall, a dorm, rent a room, shared apartment, etc. as these make it quite easy to handle costs.

6. A Lot of Study Programs to Choose From

If you’re not sure about completing a whole college degree program in Germany while attending university, you can choose part time summer programs lie culture and language programs, urban studies programs, environmental studies, etc.

Various organizations such as API, AIFS or IES provide various programs for helping you in expanding education as you’re experiencing the new regions.

Now that you’ve become familiar with all the benefits of these programs, studying abroad in Germany sounds more exciting for you. So you can start researching the best program for you and can apply for it!

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