Top 10 Reasons for Studying Abroad in Canada

Most aspirants remain prepared and quite excited as well when it comes to opportunities for studying aboard as there are a lot of options and career avenues to select from. Students choose to go abroad for higher studies for broadening their horizons while experiencing something that is completely new.

Among the different choices available for college degree for students, Canada remains on the top. In fact, total number of international students in Canada drastically rose over past years. So, why there is a surge in students who’re making it to Canada for higher studies. Let’s have to look at the top ten reasons for this situation.

1. You open doors to world-class education

Canadian university diplomas and degrees have a worldwide recognition. Canadian educational system also encourages the cross-disciplinary studies along with encouragement for development of the transferable skills like teamwork, communications, critical thinking, etc. And a lot of colleges and universities make the most of digital media along with the cutting-edge technologies.

According to Times Higher Education World University Ratings, five universities in Canada ranked in 2018 100 best universities worldwide.

2. Get work experience after graduation

Canadian government provides work program for students obtaining a diploma from post-secondary school in Canada and the ones who are willing to gain the work experience. It is excellent means to reside in Canada while you’re developing and expanding the professional skills.

3. Ride Canada’s tech wave

Telecommunications, video game, digital media, aeronautical and biotech engineering industries are strong in the country. Additionally, Canada was first country that linked libraries and schools to internet through their groundbreaking program SchoolNet.

4. Experience a great life

The QS World University Rankings, had three Canadian cities, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, that made it in list of top 50 cities for students. This ranking was based on various criteria like affordability, student population diversity, and also the employer’s graduate’s perception on job market.

Canada also boasts enviable quality of life with the living cost (e.g. transportation, tuition, transportation) which is low compared to other countries like France, UK and the US. The city provides stability, safety and respect to individual rights and communities.

5. You get abundant opportunities for research

The opportunities are integral with the Canadian education system as the international students are able to get benefit of different opportunities for becoming part of the further telecommunications research, agriculture, medicine, environmental science, computer technology, etc.

6. Better possibilities of immigration

Students from abroad countries studying in Canada have better chances of immigration in Canada. The international students with Canadian credentials along with sufficient work experience are eligible to apply for permanent residency without any need to leave Canada after completion of the school.

7. Canada is among the best places to live

The country is ranked by United Nations as best place in world for living. Canada provides abundant opportunities for education along with higher quality of life. From lower counts of violent crimes and also comfortable density of population, the country offers international students with happy, and safe environment for getting a college degree.

8. Get highly enriching cultural experiences

Also, Canada has high and diverse population, which results in vibrant and rich cultural scene. For beginning to exploring the things that Canada offers, you can visit the tourism website of each province. There are many experiences that you must avoid missing.

You can enjoy sounds of Montreal International Jazz Festival: This is great for music lovers as the world-renowned event also brings together more than 3,000 artists from 30 countries year-round. Over 2 million festivalgoers flood the streets of city for 1,000 offering concerts!

9. Discover natural beauty of the country

The country is quite vast with surface area 14 times more than France. You get multitude of lovely landscapes that are explored throughout country four distinct seasons. The Canadians also complain regarding harsh winters of the country, but cold season also offers opportunities for ice skaters and enthusiastic skiers for practicing their favorite sports in beautiful surroundings.

10. Get excellent language education

As Canada is bilingual country; both French and English spoken in the country. These languages are compulsory to learn in the education programs of Canada, so you’ll improve fluency as you’re continuing with your studies.

Students who wish to study abroad for higher education can consider Canada in their priorities as there are very few countries providing benefits similar to Canada. Being a safe, welcoming, and bilingual economy, Canada doesn’t disappoint students looking for broadening horizons…

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