8 essential college internship tips

Applying for college internship is one of the best ways to gain experience and sharpen your skills. There are several internship opportunities you can grab on your journey of securing your degree. To help you achieve this, let’s take a look at eight essential college internship tips.

Before landing a college internship positio

1. Identifying your potential employers

While hunting for an internship position, you must extensively research on the companies you consider working for. This entails understanding their operation, timelines, employee culture, and demands as well as the target performance. Through research, you will be able to identify the right work environment for you. A good approach would be looking up the company’s reviews from reputable sites all over the internet.

2. Be open to opportunities.

It might be challenging to land an internship that aligns with your career of choice. This does not mean that you should give up. Settle on an area that you enjoy doing or one that you are already quite good at. Who knows? You may witness a career shift and get permanent employment from that. A good alternative would be trying different fields after a while. Through this, you can easily identify the areas that satisfy you.

3. Reach out

Most college students give up on excellent internship opportunities by not keeping in touch with their potential employers. You should follow up if you do not hear from the company after some time. Do not sit back and wait for things to work out. The best way of attracting the company’s attention is by showing interest in the position.

You, however, need to know the limits. If you come off as annoying, you will probably piss off somebody somewhere and lose the opportunity. Continually reaching out also puts you in a better position to secure a spot the next time the company is considering getting interns.

4. Plan yourself well

You need to keep records of your prior communication with the said companies, which is mostly done through e-mail. It would help if you had a particular folder for such. You will probably reach out to as many companies as possible, so you should have something to jog your memory if one replies.

Proper planning also means sorting out your calls and setting alarms and reminders for scheduled interviews. The last thing you’d want is to forego a chance because you forgot about a scheduled interview.

After securing an interview

5. Handle yourself properly in the interview

Securing an interview is an achievement. The way you handle yourself during the interview is all that matters, however. Firstly, your dressing matters; therefore, remember to put on professionally. Firm handshakes are a show of confidence. Make sure that you observe that. Some of the basic interview etiquettes include not using your phone and answering the questions respectfully. Do not forget to send the company a thank you card once you are done with the interview. Remember, the drill is to win the hearts of employers as much as possible.

6. Punctuality

This goes without say. It would help if you got to the interview venue early enough. Do not walk in late, even by five minutes. Most employers only absorb people who can deliver on time. If you are worried that you won’t make it early, plan and reach the venue earlier.

7. Honesty

Honesty is a critical virtue that can either break or build trust. Be open and tell your employer what you can and cannot do. Most people tend to agree to everything to make the potential employer happy, which is wrong. Do not take up a job if you cannot deliver. There is no honor in accepting a position and then quitting three days later.

8. Soldier on

The truth is, we do not get what we want at times. It is normal if you cannot find the right internship or fail to secure a position. Do not stress yourself when such happen. Be brave, and do not get discouraged. Most people succeed after several attempts. Therefore, look out for other opportunities and apply. Try as hard as possible. Who knows? You might get a good company and a permanent job after the internship.


Getting an internship position might be hard, especially in big companies. If you follow all our tips and still fail to secure one, do not get discouraged. Push harder.

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