What Does it Mean to Double Major in College?

A few years ago, just having a college degree was sufficient to guarantee total employment earning a good salary, but this is no longer the scenario. Because of that, the job market has become competitive for college graduates. Some students opt for double major to stand out from their colleagues with hopes that their future employers will notice. Sometimes employers do see, sometimes they fail to notice. Some students also opt for a double major to raise their knowledge level. The primary purpose of this article is to guide you when it would be a bad or good idea to have double college majors.

What is Double Major?

Double major refers to two college majors within a college degree. For instance, a student might have a double major in English and a foreign language but still graduate with one degree. This means the student will be pursuing two fields of study. Some students opt for a double major in related areas that support one another, such as business and finance. However, others would opt for unrelated fields such as Literature and Psychology. Choosing a major can be a tricky process, and going for a double major double the labor. It is essential to opt for a primary major first, to guide you to what your second major will be. Have in mind how the two majors will complement each other.

Why Double Major?

Double major will make you competitive when going into the workforce. It enables students to simultaneously focus on two fields of study, related or unrelated. Approximately 25 percent of college students double major in their undergraduate degree.

How to Double Major

A bachelor’s degree has 120 credits to finish. The overall education requirements include about 40 credits while a major will need approximately 40-50 credits. This will leave about 30-40 credits for a second major. Since the calculation indicates a possibility, students are required to take the proper steps to declare a double major. In most schools, it will take the following major steps: First, attain guidance from school academic advisors. They can assist in ensuring students get the right courses. They can always recommend alternative courses and bring to the student’s attention particular policies that might stand in the way of the double major. Lastly, complete the required paperwork, which includes a roadmap of how they plan on to attain the double major. It may also include the reasons why they want to earn double majors. It is only after the institution approves your request is the double major possible.

Pros of Double Major

Can boost job prospects. Some employers can look on students with a double major believing that it reflects a solid work ethic and a diverse knowledge level.

Can raise the earning potential of students. Researches show that a student with a double major has a higher chance of having an income increase as compared to one with one major.

Hasten deeper knowledge level. While both double major and single students will have a similar number of credits, the level of knowledge of those with double majors will be far more detailed.

Ensure more potential career paths. Students with double majors are exposed to several possible career paths.

It enhances a sense of personal accomplishment and pride.

Cons of Double Major

Students may be required to opt for a major earlier due to prerequisites. This can enable them to have courses adequately organized from the beginning.

Busier college life. Students will have more classroom requirements which will cause heavier course loads.

Has limited opportunities to explore new study areas.

Can make college life costly due to the extra time spent in college, especially in colleges that support per-credit tuition payments.

Can delay graduation because double-majoring will require extra semesters to complete college.

If you are considering the option of double majoring, you should consult your advisors and see how other students are dealing with the double major. You might realize that there are several other students who are pursuing the same goal. Avoid pursuing double major for the glory because it looks good on a resume after your graduation. Make double majors useful. If you fail to, you will be unable to make the most out of your encounters.

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