Burnout in College: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

We all assume at the school level that college life will be a lot of fun and far easier than the school sessions and studies. But it is not at all true. Apart from the colourful and interesting college life, you need to study hard in order to score high in college majors and obtain good grades for future opting degree. So, burnout in college life is very much real. Now, you must think that what is burnout and how it is related to your college life? Let’s get into the full detail.

What is burnout?

You should know the fact that burnout is a stress related factor. It is a state of exhaustion as well. You may feel stressed during attending the college sessions and classes. It is a normal phenomenon. Sometimes, the students do not understand the symptoms of it and panic automatically. It is sometimes ignored such as college stress. But the burnout is far more serious problems than the usual day to day college stress.

It is generally characterized by the condition of mental, emotional and physical status. It can also cause some prolonged and excessive stress. In this condition, you may lose the interest over anything such as reading, writing, doing assignments, regular lifestyle as well. You will unable to meet the demands and lost the motivation as well. The burnout may create some severe type of exhaustion. In this condition, you may also feel that you cannot do anything and you do not have anything to give. You may face the hopeless, resentful, cynical and helpless spectrum of life. If you feel like this most of the time, then it is not at all a normal stress factor, rather it is the burnout factor.

Some warning symptoms:

Here are some important signs through which you may receive the big warnings. These are such as follows:

Mental signs:

  • You may make some careless and simple mistakes that you would not make earlier.
  • Due to excessive pressure, you may lash out to others.
  • In the discussion and class room projects, you cannot present your idea or opinion.
  • You may also lose the confidence, motivation and unable to cope with some matter.

Physical signs:

  • You may feel exhausting most of the time.
  • You feel sleepy all the time or not seeping at all.
  • Overthinking may lead to the bad health problems. You may experience the bad headache as well.
  • You may find yourself sick due to the cold, headache and stomach flu as well.

Emotional signs:

  • You may find yourself sensitive over some normal and small things.
  • You cannot concentrate over anything such as reading, watching film and all.
  • You may feel continuously boring and find uninterested in all things.

How to avoid and deal with the student burnout problems?

Here are some few tips that you can practice and deal with the burnout problems. These are such as follows:

Fetch out some time for enjoyable activities: You should not wait for the weekends all the time in order to enjoy some funny moments. You can fetch out some time from your study schedule and do the things that you love to do throughout the week. This will keep you happy and enjoyable as well.

Physical exercise: The physical exercise will keep your body activate all the time. You can also stay hydrated through the regular exercises. You will also eat healthy during this. It keeps your body and mind active as well.

Make some time for social activities: Study hard does not mean to break all the bondage from social activities. The social activities may give you some positive impact and support as well. You will also get some mental motivation from these activities. The social environment can give you a positive feedback and strengthen your mind as well.

Set the goal: You need to set the goal at first. You can also add the goals and daily chart in the calendar. From this, you may find some motivation from that.

Visualize your working progress: You can make some to-do list and set the reminders in applications and calendars as well. This will give you some motivation and fetch out some zeal from inside you.

Apart from these all, you should do a little every day. You cannot complete the whole syllabus in one day or night and you should not try to do it as well. It can raise your stress factors. If you find out that you are facing the burnout problems in college then you should not delay to cope up with these.