6 Great Careers in Hospitality Management in 2020

When you walk into a hotel lobby, you are welcomed by a smiling receptionist. You entrust some of your personal and financial details to the receptionist, then take your card straight to your room, swipe it to open, and relax. That smiling receptionist is a hospitality management graduate.

Everyone might not be interested in earning a college degree in Hospitality management, but there are only a few college majors that are more rewarding than hospitality management allowing to make everyone who enters through the door feel valued and acknowledged.

What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management requires managing the administrative tasks of a resort or hotel. Your job as a hospitality manager will be to ensure your hotel stays warm, approachable to your guests and make them feel they are at home.

It also requires direct application of sound managerial concepts and procedures in various fields such as lodging, food, other areas related to the hospitality industry. Graduating with a hospitality management degree will give you instant entry into this industry.

Here is a list of 6 great careers in hospitality management in 2020 and pays the top dollar for your service.

6 Great Careers in Hospitality Management

1. Hotel General Manager

Average Salary: $50,313/year

The hotel general manager is in charge of all the operations at the hotel or resort. This includes managing staff members, supervising the guests’ experience until they stay at the facility, and ensure all the requirements are duly met.

The manager might have to hold daily meetings with the department heads, planning a presentation for the facility owner as well as managing the hotel’s budget, handling customer’s grievances, supervising budget spending, preparing reports for the owner, etc.

2. Restaurant Manager

Average Salary: $49,294/year

A restaurant manager usually manages the operation of a dining business. Even though all types of restaurants have managers, only high-end restaurants offer handsome salaries to their managers.

The restaurant manager oversees other staff members of the restaurant, arranges staff members in the kitchen and waitstaff, create the marketing strategy of the restaurant, hires and trains new staff members, evaluates employee performance, oversee and update the restaurant menu, controls the budget and develop a positive atmosphere for both staff members and customers.

3. Sommelier

Average Salary: $48,476/year

A sommelier primarily works in a restaurant or a hotel and manages the wine offerings of the facility. The sommelier creates the wine lists, maintains and rotates the wine stocks, makes suggestions of wine pairing to the customers, orders wine from vineyards, and other facilities.

To become a successful sommelier, you need to possess a fervor for wine along with excellent communication skills as you will be regularly engaging with the customers. You can also look for sommelier certification programs to show you have a good knowledge of wine.

4. Travel Manager

Average Salary: $46,028/year

A travel manager work in a travel agency or a large organization, and guides and administers a travel program for the company. The primary duties of a travel manager include making travel arrangements for corporate executives and other staff members.

They usually work during the regular business hours, but sometimes they may need to work weekends or outside regular business hours to assist their clients if they face any issues while traveling.

5. Executive Chef

Average Salary: $64,990/year

Executive chefs usually work in the kitchen of various hotels and restaurants and manage their daily operations.

Their duties include hiring, training, and overseeing other kitchen staff members, supervising the quality of the food served to the customers, planning restaurant menus and beverage pairings, ensuring all the dishes are prepared accordingly, coordinating tasks of other staff members, review and coordinate staff members, obtain feedback on the food quality and employee service, etc.

6. Casino Director

Average Salary: $142,302/year

A casino director ensures all the operations at the casino runs smoothly. His job duties include managing customers, casino machines, casino tables, staff members, etc.

A casino director also oversees the hiring, training, and handling staff members, coordinate their work schedules, walk the floor to examine the profits and losses, impose all house rules, examine surveillance footage, ensuring a positive experience for the customers.

They also hugely benefit from their advanced customer service expertise which helps them tremendously to address customer grievances and other issues.


Earning a college degree in Hospitality management gives you an excellent platform to showcase your managerial and communication skills to the world. It once of those college majors that allows you to exhibit your hidden talents to the world. A hospitality management degree will also open the doors of new horizons. Pursuing a career in hospitality management is an enriching experience both financially and creatively that you won’t want to miss.